When I was in 7th grade, Joey Gowdalaba and I ignored the weekly fire alarm drill.  We each took two whacks from the principal's homemade paddle.  Don't know about Joey, but when my daddy heard the story of my open disobedience...well, you try sitting on that hard banana seat of your "Huffy" bicycle.

When a 17 year old honor student from Willis High School missed class recently, Lanny Moriarty, Montgomery County Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace, made a bold, undeterred statement by protecting  his allegiance in upholding the law.  Yes, this criminal teenager clearly a menace to society, was taught that crime doesn't pay, when his honor threw the book at the misguided truant  --  her punishment for participating in such scurrilous activity --  24 HOURS  --  in the slammer!

In a television interview, she admitted missing classes at times, citing exhaustion from working multiple jobs in order to provide for her and her siblings after her parents divorced, leaving the remaining family to fend for themselves.

But there is a silver lining due to public outcry.  The contempt citation will be dropped in its entirety.

Just remember this the next time you visit Conroe.  Probation and Community Service are probably non-existent in the event you perform a "rolling stop" through a red light.

Don't worry though, I'll bake a cake with a file in it!