It wasn't your typical awards show where Taylor Swift wins it all, and tuning in becomes meaningless.  Nope!  The third annual Golden Gods awards were held April 11th in L.A., and as the name of the show may suggest, ageless mercenaries of heavy metal, goth, 'acid' rock, and/or a combination of all three were cast into the spotlight in what some say was a spoof of the Grammy's.

The awards included Jinxx and Jake Pitts from Black Veil Brides, Jeremy Spencer from Five Finger Death Punch, Paul Gray, and Nikki Sixx, just to name a few.  Also on the docket, rock hall-of-famer Alice Cooper and soon to be rock hall-of-famer tomorrow, Slash (real name Saul Hudson), in a scintillating duet of  "School's Out".

Rush also took home a well deserved award.  Which one?  Sorry, I'm not going to be that person that tells what happened at the end of the movie.  VH1 airs the show on May 28th.