Sure do hope the Humane Society of North Texas catches the coward(s) who left 92 dogs to fend for themselves along country roads.

Let me be blunt.  Find these people responsible (there is a $500 reward being offered), and I will personally drive them to a secluded location on California State Route 190, then with the help of my German Shepard "Cujo", will remove them from the vehicle.  With a twenty mile hike back to civilization, it shouldn't be too long before flashbacks settle in about their animal cruelness.

In two separate incidents believed to be related, the doggies found in Denton county were described as mixed bred Maltese, and Cavalier King spaniels.  Aside from being filthy, and likely surviving their early lives in cages under horrible conditions, the pups are being cleaned up and fattened up for the purpose of adoption.

The Humane Society believes that due to more stringent rules regarding breeders, puppy mill owners are running for cover knowing they cannot meet state requirements.

Very sad!