Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart are on tour together now, and when you peak into their dressing rooms you'll find this.

Rod has so many kids, he needs baby and kid-friendly items.  Oh yes, and alcohol.

Stevie goes for good smells and flowing drapes.  Oh yes, and alcohol.

Rod is a 66-year-old father of eight, including a new baby boy, so he has needs that may be different from back in the day.   The London Evening Standard reports that when Rod performed at the Hard Rock Calling concert this past weekend, his backstage demands included such non-rock star items as Sugar Puffs cereal, a crate of baby food, soft drinks and -- for some reason -- several packages of underwear.  But he also requested 15 bottles of wine, four cases of vodka, two crates of beer and a bottle of single malt whiskey.  Some of that for the band?

The paper also says that Stevie Nicks requested 100 hibiscus candles backstage, white drapes around her dressing room....and five bottles of cognac, six bottles of wine, five bottles of vodka and seven cases of beer.

Party!  Who doesn't love Sugar Puffs and Beer.