Well, I'm not the only "old fart" that appreciates the analog sound over digital.  Oh, I'm for restoration projects of, let's say, that unnerving 35 mm film of your favorite musical, with more cracks & crevices than half the streets in the city.  But vinyl will always have an aesthetic appeal for purists like myself, because it's still something that's touchy/feely with nostalgia.

Enter Mr. Joe Walsh (Q107 Classic Rock artist) with his latest donation to musical fame (Analog Man), that is sure to spike my hair without the help of "jel"!  Walsh tells Rolling Stone about his LUV for records, and you can't help wondering if 'Analog Man' is the quintessential diss to the digital world.

Usually I can call in a favor and digest a few tracks before the standard release, but I'm in the dark this time.  No worries though, as an ex-"James-Ganger", and current "Eagle", Joe Walsh will always be singing "Life's Been Good".