You won't hear Andy Williams on Q107, but I would like to think there are those Classic Rockers that have a soft spot for the "lounge" music of the 1960's.

I'm a Frank Sinatra fan myself, but dare I admit, inspect my LP collection close enough, and you will find some Andy Williams "gold".

With wholesome features and cool composure, Williams was still a big draw in Branson, Missouri, where he built the "Moon River" theatre, and played there well into his eighties.

He amassed eighteen gold and three platinum records in a career spanning seven decades.  Audrey Hepburn sang is signature song "Moon River" in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Well before American Idol, "X" Factor, and America's Got Talent, the Andy Williams show, which originally began in 1959, was piling up three Emmy awards.  The Osmond brothers have Williams to thank for their success, as they made their debut on his show in 1963.

Williams did have some notable pop and Motown stars appear on the program, including Smokey Robinson and Elton John.  It was said that he liked John so much, that Williams recorded "Your Song".

There was only one blemish in Williams life, and that took place in 1976, when his ex-wife Claudine Longet (whom appeared in episodes of McHale's Navy), shot and killed her skiing champion lover, Spider Sabich.  Williams only made headlines then, because of his openly vocal support for Longet.

After a ten month bout with bladder cancer, Andy Williams went silent last night (September 25).  He was 84.

Here's Williams singing an old "Frankie Valli" classic: