How long is too long to wait when it comes to holiday shopping? Pricegrabber says more and more people are waiting until next week to shop. In fact, 43 percent of shoppers haven't even started yet.

Was that Black Friday rush all a big show? Pricegrabber says many people think the best deals are at the very end of the shopping season and that's why some wait, but others are just too busy and have no choice but to hit the malls right before Christmas.

And some are even waiting until January. REALLY? More guys than gals wait that long. PriceGrabber says 11 percent of men and eight percent of women admitting that they wait until January to buy holiday gifts.

Relationship tip guys....don't forget Christmas. It's right up there with forgotten anniversaries and birthdays. Unless of course, you'll promise a huge diamond in January or a hot new red sports car. Then gals may wait.

Happy shopping! Only ten shopping days left. If you pay attention to that sort of thing.