While it may be a blazin' summer thus far, high school football is less than two months away, and a buzz can be felt all the way to the Arkansas border.  That's pretty dang far.

The Lufkin Panthers are shown to be the number 23 team in Class 5A, predicted to finish in second place in 14-5A  and make their 15th straight playoff appearance, according to "Texas Football's" Dave Campbell.  This despite losing a key corp to their defensive unit, when the University of Houston snared defensive lineman Tomme Mark.  The Panthers took "district" last season going 9-2 along the way.

Rounding out the 2012 picks, The Woodlands, ranked #12 in state, are the favorites to regain the district championship.  A&M Consolidated, as the "newby" of the group, is expected to slide into the number three position, followed by College Park, Bryan, Conroe and Oak Ridge.

For the Class 3A selection, Carthage is tapped to be victorious in District 20; Corrigan-Camden in 2A, and out of District 16, Division I, High Island.

The Panthers will begin their 2012 season on August 31st at Rose Stadium in Tyler.

36...24...36.  Oops!  Had something else on my mind.  Just got flagged for illegal procedure!

Let's try that again.

18 red...22...blue 17...set...hut...Hut...HUT!  Yeah, that felt better.