With football season in full bloom, it's not surprising that it has taken a back seat to baseball, as it does each year, despite Major League Baseball's addition of an extra "wild card" winner.

Lots of meaningful games still on the line for divisional dominance and/or home field advantage, the Texas Rangers being one of those teams.

Last night, during my routine channel surf, I landed on a baseball game, then settled on to my La-Z-boy with a fast food "dog", while the other "dog" parked at my footsteps begging for a bite, and before I could open the beer bottle, the television announcer said "...at the end of six innings, it's the Astros two, and the Cubs nothing."

Now, I know you have to "dig your team" no matter their position in the standings.  It's kind of like a marriage, you know - for better for worse, for richer or poorer, ya-da, ya-da, ya-da.

The Cubs suffered their 100th loss last night.  The Astros accomplished that same feat on September 19!

When it comes to being an observer, I tend to lean towards baseball, but even the most diehard fan being subjected to the Astros-Cubs affair, could easily divert to reruns of  Green Acres.  The Texas Rangers vs. Oakland Athletics game should have been televised instead.  157 channels and this game was nowhere to be found!

Wake up "America's Past Time"!!  This is a clear example of why you are still, and will always be a second banana.  Over six months long, encompassing a grueling 162 game schedule, when the Rangers and A's have played 160 games each, and it is still not enough to crown a divisional champion, I'm staring at television screen where the bottom dwellers are performing.

Still good to see that 32,000+ showed up Wrigley Field three days before the season ends, on a Monday night no less, and when Monday Night Football featured Chicago's football team.