Sammi Kane Kraft was not a household name, and unless you liked the original "Bad News Bears" of 1976 enough to watch the so-so sequel of 2005, her death will read like any other obituary post in Section "C" of the newspaper.

She was only 20 years old, and had her entire life in front of her, when she died at a local hospital after an accident on a Los Angeles freeway on Tuesday (October 9).

Playing the part of Amanda Whurlitzer, made famous by Tatum O'Neal, Kraft was not only a talented actress, but could throw a baseball 70 miles per hour, which worked out extremely well for the Bears remake.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Kraft was a passenger in the car she was riding in, when at a high rate of speed, it rear-ended a big rig, and then was struck by another vehicle.

The driver of the car was 21 year old Molly Kate Adams, who was old enough to drink legally.  Of course, she survived the crash with moderate injuries, and during your next visit to California, you just may witness Ms. Adams in an orange jumpsuit picking up trash street side.  After all, isn't that the going rate these days for "vehicular homicide"?