Are you a good tipper?

I got a manicure on Friday and it was so relaxing and the manicurist was so attentive, I tipped really well.  Yes guys, it was one of those "girl things" sort of like a spa day or something else that might make you roll your eyes, but the point is, I got exceptional service and was happy to tip well for it.  Now I'm inspired by the man in the story below, who tips in a really unorthodox and interesting way.  Maybe he didn't intend to tip QUITE this much!

One man in Oregon recently tipped his bartender an amazing $17,500, and it was sort of by accident.  What happened?!

This man usually tipped in lottery tickets, and it just so happened that one of them this time was worth $17,500.  And he insisted that the bartender keep the winning ticket, even though she tried to give it back.

Lottery tickets would be an interesting way to tip, if you didn't mind carrying around a stack in your back pocket or purse all the time.  If you gave away a ticket worth several thousand dollars or more, would you expect a share of the winnings?

This guy didn't want a share, but I think he did get a free drink out of it.  Something tells me the good karma will come back to him.