For those of you that aren't familiar with the Cash Cab game show on the Discovery Channel, click here. Also, if you're just getting introduced to it, I'm about to spoil some of the illusion that many fans, including myself, have hung on to for years.

Now, it's not totally staged, but it's not as spontaneous as walking into a cab and starting the game, either. Civilians are "cast" at bars and asked if they want to be on a game show immediately. They are then told to jump in a cab to take them to the game show, and THAT'S when the game begins. However, it doesn't explain why the customers are always giving Ben Bailey a real address of a bar or restaurant. Must just be a line the producers feed them. Oh well.

A few more details of the whole process are outlined here, but don't get your hopes up. You're probably going to have to pay for your taxi like everyone else, unless you can hop out and run real fast. And if you can, then why are you taking a cab in the first place? Just run there.