Last week, Billy Squier was in the studio with our night man Eddie Webb where he revealed to Eddie that his song, "The Stroke", almost didn't happen.

Last week, Billy’s hit second album, Don’t Say No, celebrated its 30th anniversary.  The record features some amazing songs like “The Stroke,” “In the Dark,” “Lonely is the Night” and “My Kinda Lover,” so which is Squier’s favorite?  He told us and gave us an interesting tidbit.

My favorite song on Don’t Say No, you know, it’s incredibly hard to say because it was such an important album for me and it was intended to be written as a complete work that it’s honestly very hard to say.  But I can tell you interestingly enough that my record company did not want the biggest song on the record to be on the record.  They did not want ‘The Stroke’ to be on the record.  They thought that it was weak.”

Listen to “The Stroke” and more of Billy’s greatest hits on his latest compilation album, Essential Billy Squier, which hit shelves a few weeks ago.