Like father, like...daughter!  Doesn't it go, "like father, like son", and "like mother, like daughter"?

Well, something is definitely backwards in the Bon Jovi arena.  About one hour ago, it was reported that daddy's little girl was arrested at Hamilton College in New York, for possession of a controlled substance, after police found heroin inside a school dorm.

Along with another student, 19 year old Stephanie Bongiovi (great name for a drug bust, huh?), was hauled to police headquarters.  There she was processed for misdemeanors, before being released back to the college.

All of this action took place after law enforcement responded to an overdose call at Dunham Dorm in the wee hours of the morning.

On December 5, Bon Jovi is slated to perform in concert to benefit the Hamilton College scholarship fund.

Needless to say, officials at this institution of higher learning are not pleased with this incident, and the publicity it is likely to generate.

Being a bettin' man, I'm laying 1000 to 1 odds, there will be no jail time here.  Any takers the other way?