For Bono, being a legendary rock star monster took longevity and staying power.  Becoming  filthy rich took only 24 hours.  In case you were not aware of  Bono's extra-curricular activities away from being associated with one of history's greatest musical troupes (U2), he is co-founder of  "Elevation Partners".  An investment fund that just elevated his holdings stake to potentially worth over 1 BILLION DOLLARS!

You see, when Facebook went Public on Friday (May 18), opening at $38 per share, Bono clocked in with nearly 1.5% ownership in the company, and expert analysts predict Facebook could topple in excess of 100 Billion Dollars in years to come.

Bono, who at times, has unceremoniously been called the worst investor in America, has finally struck a huge pay day.

Maybe 'U2' concert tickets will be cheaper to score now!