OK, my degree isn’t in quantum physics or anything even close to it for that matter.  So don’t ask us how this works, because frankly, we’re just as stumped as you are.  Apparently somebody has their degree in beer sciences however, because they came up with the best way to pour a beer that we’ve ever seen before.

The video below, which has been circulating on local tech blogs of late, highlights a beer-pouring invention from a company based in Montesano, Washington, that will have owners of Tipsy McFratterson-type college bars clamoring to place an order. Craft beer purists, however, might cringe in horror.

Called the "Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System," the device looks like an old-school video game console and does just what the name suggests—fills (specially designed) plastic cups from the bottom up.

The high-speed beer action is compelling on its own, but combined with the triumphant instrumental soundtrack, it's definitely worth 1:42 of your time.

The company, GrinOn Industries, claims it's the fastest beer-dispensing system in the world. As you can see from the video, they clocked an impressive 56 cups in one minute.