Have you heard the crazy notion that men’s underwear sales are an economic indicator?

When men’s underwear sales are up, the economy is doing well. When people are not buying guys’ tighty whities, the economy is in the tank.

Do you think it’s true?

Who knows what the exact reasoning behind it is. Some say it’s because women control the purse strings of the family and that’s just one family item they don’t buy when money is tight. Others say it’s the guys who finally feel free to go out and splurge on undies when the economy starts to pick up. It’s something to chat about at work today and see if you and your co-workers can get to the bottom of it!

Regardless, enough people are buying men’s underwear now that the economy is really starting to move. There are reports from Hanes that their sales have risen each of the last three years. And overall, men’s underwear sales have ticked up steadily in the past year.

Thanks for buying the underwear! You’re helping us all dig out of this recession. Some of you guys need an upgrade more than once every five years anyway. You know who you are.