The Cars are motoring along again, supporting Move Like This, the band's first new studio album in 24 years.  Prior to their set at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago on Sunday, drummer David Robinson and guitarist Elliot Easton paused long enough to tell ABC News Radio why the group decided to end their decades-long hiatus.

As for Easton, he waxed philosophical about the split and the timing of the reunion.  "Bands are very strange things.  They're very fragile, almost ethereal, and they can...just go away into the mist," he mused. "It's like falling out of love.  One day you look at your mate and [you just go,] 'Nah.'  And then, who knows why, 24 years later it seemed like we could do it. ...But for whatever reason, everybody had been through what they needed to go through and felt like they could do it right now."

Check out this clip from 'The Colbert Report'.  The Cars stopped by to play a song from their new album and they also put on a nice encore performance with this classic.