Local Charities to Benefit From United Way Funds
The local United Way is in the middle of deciding how to divy up about $700,000 this year.
Several local agencies have requested the help, and the Angelina County United Way spent much of Tuesday interviewing those groups and listening to them make their case.
Today they're meeting to start makin…
East Texas Teachers to Benefit from Angelina Beautiful/Clean Drive
Angelina Beautiful/Clean has been working for years to spiff up East Texas, and as they say on their website, to educate and empower East Texans to take responsibility for enhancing their community environment.
Now Angelina Beautiful/Clean is working on doing even more good around East Texas. They're…
Graduation is Near; Project Graduation Could Still Use Help
With the Nacogdoches High School graduation coming up next week, there's still a little time left to donate to the big after-party.
Every year, parents and community members come together to put on an alcohol and drug free party for graduating seniors, with the help of volunteers and generous &n…
Texas Highways Get New Facelift Over the Weekend
People are always saying I'm a little quirky, because of my observation while driving tendencies.  For example, my eagle eye description of unknown varmints crossing the roadway, the ability to find the obscure signage behind a cluster of trees announcing a two-for-one dining experience, and other m…

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