No Worries, It’s Just a Flaming Baton Juggler
Texas makes the weird news files again.
Firefighters were called out recently to put out a fire in a grain elevator, and it turned out to be nothing more than a guy practicing his flaming baton juggling act in there.  Here's where it happened.
Texas Lawyer Goes Viral With This Crazy Ad
Oh my goodness.  If this guy is as over-the-top in person as he is in this commercial, you will want him on your side whether it's in front of a judge, or playing for your rec league football team.  He's intense!
Huge Marijuana Field Seen From the Air is Destroyed in Texas
It was an enormous field of marijuana plants, seen from the air by a helicopter with the Drug Enforcement Administration.  Did you know that those helicopters seen flying overhead sometimes could be looking for drug farms?  Check out what they found in Austin County, outside of Houston.
East Texas Cockfight is Busted
The SPCA has more than 300 fighting roosters, hens, and young birds in its custody now after an Angelina County cockfighting ring was busted over the weekend.
Texas Girl Meets NYPD Officers to Say Thanks
After two New York City police officers were shot and killed December 20th, a Tyler girl became inspired to write 500 thank you notes to police officers to show appreciation for all they do. And yesterday, she got to meet some of her heroes.
A Woman is Found Alive in a Box in a Texas Landfill
Police will be hoping a woman can remember how she ended up in an Irving landfill, but no word yet if she'll be able to.  She was last seen leaving a night club Wednesday night, and was found lying in a box in the landfill Thursday morning.

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