You Don’t Have To Be Wasted To Get A DWI
If you're drinkin' on New Year's Eve, you're not drivin' right?
Heads up that there will be extra patrols on the roads watching tonight.  And it's not just drunk driving that will get you in trouble.  Buzzed driving can have you seeing flashing lights too.
Bad Accident Seriously Injures 5 Aggies
On the way to Houston, have you used State Highway 105?  It goes through Montgomery County and runs just west of Conroe.  After a bad accident that injured 5 Texas A&M students Sunday night, there's a renewed call to widen the road.
Police Will Be Watching The Roads Over Thanksgiving Weekend
Wednesday will be one of the busiest travel days of the year, and it's not just carloads of people headed to Grandma's house who will be on the road.  State troopers will be out there too, watching for speeders, drunk drivers, and those who aren't wearing seat belts.
Reward Offered In Blinn College Student’s Murder
Blinn College is a small school in Brenham, about an hour and a half outside of Houston.  After a male student was murdered there last month, police are asking for tips as they try to figure out who killed him.  And there's a reward in the case now.

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