Another Texas City Bans Texting and Driving
It's not just texting and driving that Austin is banning, but talking on the cell phone in the car too if the phone is up to the ear.  And if a police officer catches drivers or bicyclists tapping on an app while moving, they can be cited.
Hands-free devices are okay, but even mobile device…
Texas Newlyweds Die In Separate Vehicles After Head-On Collision
This is an unfathomable story.
Two vehicles got into a head-on collision this week on an unlined County Road in North Texas, and the drivers happened to be a man and a woman who had gotten married recently.  The crash killed both the husband and the wife, and left three kids without parents.
A Catfish Becomes A Weapon For One Lufkin Woman
The catfish story is making national news now.
Just after 2am Sunday Lufkin police were called to a home on Davis Street after calls came in about a disturbance.
A woman is accused of slapping her sister-in-law in the face with a dead catfish.
Wanna Text 911? It Could Happen Soon in East Texas.
It's usually so much easier to text someone rather than pick up the phone and call.
To your sweetie: "Could you grab some wine on the way home?"  It takes a minute when actually dialing and calling might take five, because your spouse things of a hundred other things to tell you while you'r…
Another SXSW Car Crash Victim Dies
A drunk driving crash March 13th at South by Southwest in Austin claimed three lives earlier this month, and now a fourth person has passed away.
WFAA in Dallas says, 18-year old De'Andre Tatum from Fort Worth was critically injured when the car plowed into a crowd on Red River Street during the…

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