Texas Woman is Killed by a Runaway Vehicle
A woman near Houston died after being hit by her own vehicle last Saturday.  The woman was with her family at a car wash, and the car wash attendant accidentally put the vehicle in drive instead of neutral.
2012’s Dumbest Criminals Are Painfully Dumb
It turns out to make it onto a list of the dumbest criminals, you have to actually be pretty dumb. Granted, we can't all be masterminds, but it probably doesn't take much to know you shouldn't make a YouTube video boasting about the bank you just robbed. Or tweet about punching a guy …
Serial Killer Arrested in Lufkin Commits Suicide in Jail
It’s a story that has made national news. Earlier this week, accused serial killer Israel Keyes was found dead in his jail cell in Alaska after an apparent suicide.
He’s accused of abducting, assualting, killing, and dismembering the body of an 18-year old barista who was kidnapped from a coffee stan…
Texas Bank Robbing Family – The ‘Ties That Bind’
When I was growing up, keeping it "in the family" meant having dinner together, going on outings together, going to sis's Girl Scout's ceremony, and her, to my opening day of Little League.
Obviously, 50 year old Ronald Catt, had a much different upbringing when it came to the theory of rel…
Texas Woman Robbed of $200 in iPad Scam
Something to keep in mind as the holidays approach: People are selling things everywhere! They’re even trying to sell iPads at gas stations. But it doesn’t always turn out to be legit.
A Texas woman was scammed out of $200 after a man approached her at a gas station and asked if she wanted to buy “an…

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