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Texas Googles This D-List Celebrity Most Often
Maybe you've Googled your own name, or a few hard-to-find Pokemon characters more often than you've looked up a celebrity online.  That might be a good thing.
But if curiosity about Gary Busey or Vanna White's birthday gets the best of you and then next thing you know you're Googling, you're not alon…
Lufkin Movie Prices Hit a Record High
The cost of a movie ticket varies of course, depending on the time of day that you go and whether it's showing on a premium screen like an IMAX. But overall, the price to see a flick is going up at Lufkin Mall and Cinemark Lufkin 12.
Here's how much cash you should have in your wallet …
Texas Likes This Reality Show More Than Any Other
The choices are endless if you're into reality TV, and some states love some shows more than others. Montana's favorite is Hoarders, Duck Dynasty rules Arkansas, and Nevada likes Pawn Stars.  See if you agree with the top choice in Texas.
Oscar Gift Bags Will Include $275 Toilet Paper
Oscar nominees are getting a sweet gift bag. It's going to include $275 Goop approved toilet paper. It's from Joseph's Toiletries, and best I can tell, it is not lined with gold or anything.
In total, the gift back is worth $200,000.
Also in the bag:
--$300 worth of personalized M&Ms
--$250 vaporize…

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