Lufkin Free Movies In The Park: Helpful Hints
We are getting ready for night one of Free Movies In The Park tonight (Wednesday Oct 15th) at Ellen Trout Park. I will be there broadcasting live from the event starting at 4pm! I wanted to make sure you were aware of everything that is going on so you can be prepared! Get there early for the best s…
Texas Forestry Association Celebrates 100 Years
The Texas Forestry Association is holding its annual conference next week in Lufkin at the Pitser Garrison Conference Center, and speakers will cover everything from the economics of forests to conservation efforts.
It's a landmark year.  This year marks the 100th year that the group has be…
The Texas A&M Cannon Will Fire Again
A touchdown in College Station means you'll hear the boom, right?  It's been a tradition for 30 years to set off a cannon each time the Aggies score a touchdown.  But the cannon was silenced last weekend because of "safety concerns" at the new and improved Kyle …
State Fair of Texas Announces Food Finalists
One thing is for sure at the State Fair of Texas.  There will be no shortage of calories, and deep fried things on a stick.
The State Fair announced the finalists this week for the Big Tex Choice Awards, which picks the best-tasting new inventions that will be available at the State Fair th…
Countdown Is On To The Texas State Forest Festival
In less than one month it will be time for the 30th annual Texas State Forest Festival in Lufkin.
That means a carnival, foods that you don't see every day (like fried twinkies and meatballs on a stick), a cheerleading competition, and more.
Couples Are Booking Weddings Because The Date Is Cool
Do you geek out about numbers at all?  I remember 7-7-07 and 8-8-08 being big days for weddings, and maybe some c-sections too. Happy sixth birthday to those kids in a few weeks.
There's another big date coming up this winter that will never come around again, and I read that brides are fal…
Lufkin Gets Ready For A Festive Fourth
Ready for a 3-day weekend?  The annual Lufkin fireworks display is coming up Friday at Ellen Trout Park from 3pm until 9:15, and there are a few things you need to know before you head that way.

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