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What’s With the Teal Pumpkins?
There is meaning behind a teal-colored pumpkin if you see one on a porch this Halloween.  It's a signal about what that home will be passing out to trick-or-treaters, and if your kids are like mine you'll definitely want this heads up!
Friendly Raccoon Has A System To Get Attention
What is that tapping sound you hear? It's apparently Rocksy the Raccoon!
The lady that uploaded this video is a much nicer and more patient person than I am. In the YouTube description of the video, they go on to explain that Rocksy here will knock at the glass doo…
Watch This Man Ramp A Burning SUV Into A Lake [VIDEO]
Obviously, it should go without saying that you should not try anything like this at home. The guys in this video decided to do something pretty crazy over the Labor Day weekend.
The title of the video is "Most Epic Vehicle Jump Ever!!" With not just one, but two exclamation marks..…

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