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Kids Cost How Much?
They’re out with those numbers again, about how much it costs to raise a child from age 0 to 17.
Parents will swallow hard. The US Dept. of Agriculture says it takes $234,900 to raise a kid, including food, shelter, and necessities. Depending upon your definition and your child’s definition of necess…
Where’s The Beef? [VIDEO]
This may not be big news in New Hampshire, Minnesota, or Alaska, but here in Texas, where meat rules, the price of hamburgers may be rising to the point where you'll need to charge admission to your next BBQ.
Soon to follow is expected to be a worldwide shortage of pork products, as the United Kingdo…
Premiere Comedian Bill Murray Turns 62 [VIDEO]
Bill Murray, one the immortal comedy kingpins who catapulted Saturday Night Live into the longest running television show, blew out 62 candles on September 21.
While he's not aging as well as Richard Gere, he was still in prime form when appearing on one of the late nighter's recently.…
Lubbock Museum Kills Two Mules For Public Display
Here's a story buried in the depths of obscurity, that is sure to stir controversy, and have animal rights activists gearing up for a protest.  Of course, it won't help the steadfast wrangling of each parties position, now that I brought it to light.
Old Chinese Dessert Has Celebration TODAY!
Do you believe in luck over knowledge when it comes to surviving games of chance?  For example, I happen to know someone who proclaims to be a wizard when it comes to picking the ponies.  Have even accompanied him to Louisiana Downs, where I observed some minor magic.
I believe that no matter how int…
Go Daddy Hacked, Affecting Millions of Businesses
Indy racer Danica Patrick's #7 car has become a well-known symbol for the company Go Daddy. Turns out, nobody could navigate Go Daddy out of yesterday's hack that shut down millions of websites.
If you went to a website on Monday and you got an error message, chances are it wasn't your internet conn…
Isaac hits Louisiana, Louisiana hits back
If there's one thing we've learned about Hurricane Isaac so far, it's that the storm has a mind of its own. First it was making a beeline for the Florida panhandle. Then it changed its mind and headed straight for New Orleans. Isaac finally made landfall in Louisiana late Tuesday night, then retr…
Today, August 27, is National “Dog Day”
If there was ever a reason to pamper your pooch, the best excuse you could have is National "Dog Day", celebrated worldwide on August 27.
Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, Old Yeller, -- just a few familiar names that have captured the hearts of Americans for decades.

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