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Watch What Happens When Deer Collides With Corvette [VIDEO]
I've seen them on a winding two lane highway with my mind racing in nano seconds, so as to avoid a direct hit, while they stand their ground as if it's some territorial rite of passage.
One moment they are grazing at the road's embankment, and then with the stealth of a roadrunner, but clumsy first s…
June 25th Celebrates What Type of Fish?
Stop the presses!  Cancel all previously scheduled activities!  Use a sick day!  Mark your calendar!
A day like no other day is about to make landfall.  A cultural event so stimulating that even your family and friends will be envious if they don't pa…
Missing Longview Airman to Receive Proper Burial
After all this time, some closure.
The Department of Defense has announced the remains of an East Texas serviceman, missing since the Vietnam War, have been finally been identified and will be returned to his family for burial with full military honors.
Air Force Capt. Clyde W. Campbell is from Longvi…
Pay Attention East Texas – Texting and Driving Don’t Mix!
We all know as responsible adults, that "drinking and driving" don't mix.  With the digital age in full force, not only are we hearing that "driving and texting" don't mix, but, it may not be too terribly long before Texas lawmakers sound the battlecry that if you send a message …
Bono Has Over 1 Billion Ways To Be Happy These Days
For Bono, being a legendary rock star monster took longevity and staying power.  Becoming  filthy rich took only 24 hours.  In case you were not aware of  Bono's extra-curricular activities away from being associated with one of history's greatest musical troupes (U2), he is co-founder of  "Ele…
National Bicycle Month in May is The Latest Fad [VIDEO]
Calling all bike lovers.  MAY I have your attention please.  We are dead center in the middle of bike to work week (May 14-18).  According to the League of American Bicyclists, National Bike Month celebrates the unique power of the bicycle and why we ride it.

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