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‘Stay Sober’ Pill In Development
A pill that eliminated all the effects alcohol on lab rats may one day be available to humans.
Researchers fed the rodents — who react to alcohol similarly to how people do — the new drug after having them consume enough booze to stumble and fall down. Then they measured the rod…
How Not to Wake up Your Sig Other
A Florida woman lost three fingers Sunday morning when she decided to use fireworks to try to wake up her sleeping boyfriend. says the 36-year-old woman told the Gainesville Police Department she planned to light a firework in her apartment and toss it out the front d…
Buford WY: Population 1 [VIDEO]
Meet Don Sammons, and you meet the whole town of Buford, Wyoming. He's the sole resident.  I thought this was pretty interesting and it got me thinking about what it might be like to be the only resident of a town.
Casey Anthony to be Released From Jail July 13
Casey Anthony was sentenced to four years in jail Thursday for lying to investigators in charge of the search for her daughter, Caylee. However, Anthony will be set free on July 13 since she's served almost three years in jail while awaiting trial with a record of good behavior.

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