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NASA Let’s Us Pick New Astronaut Gear
NASA is letting us vote on new space suits!
It seems like the NASA engineers might know more than we would about what space suits would be best for the astronauts, but we can have input nonetheless.
Between now and April 15th, we can vote online on the new space suit designs.
Texas Oil Industry Is Booming
The energy industry continues to grow, and Texas may be benefiting from the oil and natural gas boom.
But as USA Today points out, all of the growth and success doesn't come without a few headaches.
Missing East Texas Man Gets National Attention
28-year old Alfred Wright went missing in Sabine County in November, and his body was found there about three weeks later. His family wonders whether it may be a cover-up.
In case you missed it last night on CNN's AC 360, we've posted the segment here, about the death of an East Texas man..…

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