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East Texas Bell-Ringer Ties Record
An East Texas man tied this year's record for the longest consecutive bell-ringing streak in the Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign.
Andre Thompson of Tyler joined fellow ringers, Salvation Army Maj. Marcelino "Butch" Soriano in San Diego, and James Brickson of Albert Le…
Texas Teacher Killed in Libya
The man making national news after being shot and killed while jogging on a street in Libya Thursday morning, was a teacher from Texas.
Ronnie Smith was from Austin, and took a job teaching chemistry at the International School in Benghazi.
One East Texas Town May Ban e-Cigarettes
E-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular, and another East Texas Town may try to put a damper on that national trend.
Nacogdoches is thinking about moving toward a ban on e-cigarettes, as more towns across our neck of the woods, and across the state and country, continue to research the effect…
Careers Are Shifting; More Women Are Becoming Farmers
Farming used to have a male-oriented stigma attached to it.  I grew up on a farm in rural Nebraska where my dad and grandpa raised corn, wheat, milo, cows, pigs, and chickens.  And there were many male farmers in that section of the world that did the same thing.  Sometimes women helped around the f…
Man Saves Dog Before Wife When Yacht Starts Sinking
Watching the movie "Titanic" last night (not the 1953 version with Barbara Stanwyck, but the 1997 flick starring Kate Winslet), one my favorite scenes is when actor Billy Zane (Cal) realizes his money won't help him survive, so he cleverly grabs a child and secures a spot in a…
We’re Driving Our Cars Longer. How Old is Yours?
There are plenty of new vehicles on the road, but the average age of cars, trucks, and SUV's is higher than you might think.  We're driving our cars longer.
My 2009 SUV is almost paid off, and I'm planning to celebrate that soon and then drive it til the wheels fall off!  More and more people are cho…

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