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East Texas Reacts to Kaufman County Killings
The news of the killings in Kaufman is making national headlines, and causing courthouses across the country to question security, and in some cases provide extra security for public officials.
Kaufman is about 135 miles away from Nacogdoches.  Two months ago, Kaufman County Assistant District Attorn…
Robin Roberts to Receive Courage Award
We've got plenty of courageous athletes right here in East Texas.  We especially love watching Lufkin and Nac athletes strive for the best each Friday night during the fall.  We love high school football!  Some of those athletes look up to the pros, and those pros will be honored…
TSA Now Allowing New Items on Planes
Air travel just got more exciting, and believe me, when you get the rundown of what's acceptable to now bring on board, you have to wonder if the panel discussion wasn't carried out over cocktails.
Power Outage Stops Play At The Super Bowl (UPDATED)
A power outage occured during the third quarter of Super Bowl XLVII at the Superdome in New Orleans on Sunday night. The outage caused play to be stopped between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. The incident happened with 13:28 mark remaining in the third quarter, following Arthur J…
BEWARE: Postage Rates Increase on Sunday
Are you still one of the leftovers, like myself, that send mail the old fashioned way?  You know, put a stamp on the envelope?
Every friend and acquaintance I have, laugh uncontrollably, when they hear that mailing payment to the Gas, Cable, and Electric companies is a regular routine of mine.

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