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Serial Killer Arrested in Lufkin Commits Suicide in Jail
It’s a story that has made national news. Earlier this week, accused serial killer Israel Keyes was found dead in his jail cell in Alaska after an apparent suicide.
He’s accused of abducting, assualting, killing, and dismembering the body of an 18-year old barista who was kidnapped from a coffee stan…
Heisman Finalist has East Texas Ties
The Heisman Trophy is the most prestigious honor that a single college football player can receive, and this Saturday we'll find out if Tyler native Johnny Manziel wins it.
Even Texas Longhorn fans might admit that Manziel has had a pretty great season with the Texas A&M Aggies.
No Powerball Winner Saturday Night, Jackpot Grows
The winning numbers in Saturday night’s Powerball drawing were 22-32-37-44-50 with Powerball 34, according to the Powerball lottery’s website.
Saturday night’s jackpot amount was the fourth largest in the game’s history, but no one match…
Where Did That Turkey Come From?
Texas doesn’t have bragging rights in terms of the biggest turkey-producing states, but it does produce its share.
Nine to ten million Texas turkeys are produced each year, and most of those come from Central and East-Central Texas, according to a map from Smithsonian Magazine.
Which state is the bigg…
Hostess to Shut Down for Good
Hostess has been making Twinkies and snack cakes since the 1930′s, and the company has announced now they’re going out of business. Twinkies are about to become a thing of the past!

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