Ted Nugent Flies Over Texas Picking Off Pigs
When it comes to speaking his mind, Rock God Ted Nugent isn't shy about holding his tongue, and while Ted could care less, his staunch beliefs have sent off firestorms in Washington, D.C.
For a lack of better words, in  some political 'clicks', Nugent is considered a loudmouth of …
Driving + Texting Debate Heats Up at Texas Capitol
This one may get your blood boiling, since you can see, first hand, the impact of accidents associated with "texting while driving".
My drive to work is barely noticeable at 3.2 miles, yet three stop lights make it advantageous for me to peruse my fellow commuters.
Could Gambling Become Legal in Texas This Year?
You're not an intoxicating gambler, but like the chance to add more dollars to the month end bank statement.  So, Saturday rolls around, and you joy ride to LOU-siana, in hopes of having some fun at the casino's expense.
Everything's cool, but the ride to and from is still about 4 hours, and if you h…

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