Fans Are Donating $21 After the Kettle Jump
Nothing gets past creative Cowboy fans.  After Ezekiel Elliott's impromptu jump into the Salvation Army kettle in the end zone on Sunday night, the Salvation Army saw a big spike in donations the next day, in the amount of $21.
But that jump wasn't all good for #21.
Texas Is Better Than Your State
God bless the United States of America. There's 50 of 'em. Each having their own unique contribution to the melting pot that is our great nation. But let's be real about something here, folks. Unlike all men, which our nation's Constitution declares to be created equal, not all s…
This Week’s Waiver Wires – Week 10
Week 10 Quarterbacks
Carson Wentz— As it seems that Wentz-ylvania as died down just a little bit but the young rookie has a very favorable matchup this week. The Atlanta Falcons have been horrendous against quarterbacks this year, especially on the road...
You Might Get a Free Taco at Taco Bell
There sure are a lot of Cubs fans around.  After Chicago advanced to the World Series with the win on Saturday night, I saw jerseys at the grocery store on Sunday, and one guy even wore his Cubs jersey to church.  He's an usher, and he greeted people that way.
Even if you're not a…
You’re Kicking My Butt with Pro Pick ‘Em
If you're involved in our Pro Pick 'Em contest in any way, chances are you're beating me.  Bad. And I don't mind one bit, because I want you to win big prizes.
That said, I didn't think I would perform quite this pitifully!  I blame the Saints.
Week 5 Waiver Wire – Tight Ends
Cameron Brate — “But Brendon, he was in your article last week.” Yes he was and he is still owned in 95 percent of leagues. Go get this guy if you need help in the tight end position. He had a respectable stat line against the Broncos last league...

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