Taco Bell Is Starting to Deliver
Oh, this could be dangerous at 10pm when you get a craving for Taco Bell and you don't feel like leaving the house because you're half-dressed and trying to finish the last thirty minutes of a Will Ferrell movie.  Taco Bell might soon deliver that Chalupa right to your door.
Bikini Profile Pics Get 10x More Dates
That's the secret ladies.  Wear a bikini in your profile pic and you'll get more dates.  Do those get your attention the most guys?  Is that a dumb question?  And do the drink pics and travel pics have an impact?
What if Tinder Had Happened in the 80s?
Tinder is a pretty slick dating tool these days if you have a little patience and don't mind weeding through a few frogs on the journey toward that handsome prince you're dreaming about.  Guys with pics holding up dead fish and dead game are a plenty, and if you spend five minutes on …

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