The ‘Fish Guy’ and Other Profiles Women See on Tinder
Oh ladies, that Tinder app!  What's your least favorite profile pic?  For me it's a guy holding a dead fish, or any type of dead animal for that matter.  The goal may be to show personality and that's great, but can it be done without the carnage?
Glamour Magazine breaks…
This New Belt Shames You Into Getting Off Your Butt
If this a helpful tool to battle the bulge, or is it a nag?  This belt can tighten up and shake you if it notices you've been sitting too long.
It also sends data to an iPhone app, and if it notices your waist is expanding, it starts shaming you about the weight you're gaining...
Fast Food Gets Faster At Taco Bell
Here's another reason to fear losing your smart phone.  Our whole lives are on there, and now food is involved!
Taco Bell has a new app that they just unveiled this week, that lets you place an order and skip the line.  And the app knows when you're almost to the restaurant t…
Check Out This Halloween Light Show Set To Queen
This is what a guy with a lot of lights, a computer program, and a lot of free time can do.
It's in Naperville, IL, and I thought I'd post it so you and your neighbor here in East Texas can cook up how you might pull this off too.  It's pretty incredible...
After #Bendgate, Another Hazard for iPhone Users.
Oh, you poor iPhone users.   After you got past the issues a couple of weeks ago with the slight bend in the phone, now there's something new to worry about.
The slight bend was caused when users put the phone in their back pockets, and discovered the phone didn't mesh well with skinny jeans and rump…
Netflix Is Giving Users More Control
If you have Netflix, one of the things you see when you bring up your account is a "recently viewed section."  So if your wife thinks you're a ZZ Top rocker and you're secretly watching Justin Bieber videos on Netflix, she's gonna find out about it.
All of that i…

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