“Person to Person” is back on CBS
Jon Bon Jovi will be among the first celebs to sit for an interview on Person to Person, when it comes back on. This is a revival of a CBS News show that first aired back in the 1950s. The New York Times says the first episode features Jon, as well as George Clooney and Jimmy Buffett, and will air…
8 Memorable Super Bowl Halftime Shows [VIDEOS]
During Sunday’s Super Bowl, Madonna will take center stage for the halftime show. She’s working with the famous acrobat troupe Cirque du Soleil on a concept for the gig, but only time will tell if it’ll fly — or flop.
With that in mind, let&CloseC…
Ladies Love Football Too
What do ladies look forward to the most at Sunday's football party?
Is it the commericials? The chips? The halftime show?
You might be surprised fellas.
Elton John Stars in Super Bowl Commercial [VIDEO]
Sir Elton John appeared yesterday on Good Morning America to talk about his new Super Bowl Commercial for Pepsi.
We know Elton likes to dress up, and in the spot he plays an imperious king -- complete with crown and robes -- who must judge X Factor winner Melanie Amaro's singing.
Pat Sajack Hosted Wheel of Fortune Drunk
Pat Sajack would like to buy a vowel with a shot of Jack Daniels as a chaser. The long time ‘Wheel of Fortune’ host mentioned during a radio interview that he did more than a few shows under the influence.
In the early days of the show, there was a lot of time to kill between set changes, so Sajak an…

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