And The World’s Favorite Number Is…
Are you a numbers geek?
I'm not sure that I'm a geek (about numbers anyway), but I do like it when numbers seem orderly.  I'm looking forward to Monday because it's 4-14-14.  That's just crsip and tidy and lovely!
There's a phrase that goes around my house, "Mama don't like messes!"  I think…
Did a UFO Fly Over Texas?
Like everything else, have UFO's evolved over the years?
This one is a classic UFO from the 1950's.  Are they triangular now?
Aviation experts still aren't sure what it was, but they're continuing to look at photos to try to figure out what the triangular-shaped object was tha…
Drivers Go the Wrong Way on Highway In Dallas
After an accident snarled traffic in both directions on highway I-635/LBJ Freeway in Dallas this afternoon, a group of drivers thought it would be a good idea to turn around and drive the wrong way into oncoming traffic on a crowded interstate to try to avoid the jam.

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