How Does Urban Dictionary Define Nacogdoches?
Urban Dictionary is supposed to be a website used to find out about slang, or new terms the kids are using. There is a dark or dirty definition to just about anything you can think of ... Which is why we decided to look up the oldest town in Texas.
A Texas Family is Selling Its Housebroken Bison
If you're going to own a pet bison, I suppose it's key that it's housebroken.
If you don't mind a drive across the state, you can buy a pet bison from one Texas couple that's selling a housebroken one. Just make sure your homeowner's association approves before you add i…
Would East Texas Survive A Zombie Outbreak?
With the huge following behind the AMC series,"The Walking Dead," a lot of folks have been tuning in each week to see the drama unfold as the undead pop up every so often in order to cause the survivors to keep wandering around, looking for a new home.
The Results Are In. Blondes Aren’t Dumb!
Got any blonde jokes guys?
So why was the blonde staring at frozen orange juice can?
Because it said 'concentrate'.
Good one people, good one.   Blonde jokes are part of the reason why our hair color gets a bad rap.  But that's about to change.  Blondes will love…

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