Office Desks Are Changing to Include Exercise Equipment!
Office desks used to be so simple.  Workers just needed a few folders and some drawers to shove things in, and they were all set for the day.  Now we've got computers and mp3 players and all sorts of new-fangled things sitting atop the desk. Now, some desks even come with treadmills!
As people look f…
Hot People Are Hired More Often
Look around the office today.  Do you see lots and lots of beautiful people?  If not, first of all don't say it out loud that you've made this observation.  And second, your office might be out of the norm.
Gosh, is work really a beauty contest?  It turns out, people see…
Local Company With 100-Year History To Keep Its Name
More on a story we brought you earlier this week...
General Electric is getting more involved in the energy industry and is in the process of buying Lufkin Industries in a deal valued at around $3.3 billion dollars.  The CEO tells KTRE that Lufkin Industries will keep its name.
Lufkin Industries to be Purchased by GE
General Electric wants to get more involved in the energy industry, and that means big bucks for one Lufkin Company.
It's been announced the GE is buying Lufkin Industries for 38 percent above the closing price of its shares on Friday.  GE values the deal at around $3.3 billion dollars.
New Coffee Has 200 Percent of the Normal Buzz
This is something you might be able to file away in the "Is-this-really-necessary" folder.
A new coffee has been manufactured to contain 200 percent of the caffeine of a regular cup of brew.  Comments the company has received say things like, "Where Red Bull gives you …
Some Bosses Think March Madness Boosts Morale
Much of the first part of this week will not be spent concentrating hard on deadlines and meetings at the office.  Instead, big chunks of time will be spent online, filling out brackets for the NCAA tournament.
It's not just a guy thing....many women are on board with the bracketology at the office, …
Some Employers Are Offering Nap Rooms
Have you ever had the urge to take a power nap at work?
Some employers are noticing that workers tend to get a little droopy-eyed around mid-afternoon, and rather than supply more coffee and energy drinks, the companies are hollowing out closets and other small spaces, adding a couch and some darknes…
Many Women Out-Earn Husbands
Guys, is it cool with you if your wife makes more money?
Researchers looked at incomes from 2006 to 2011 and found more wives in 2011 were out-earning their husbands.  Some guys get competitive about that, and others say cool, no problem!  Bring home that bacon.

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