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The Royal Baby Gets Name! [VIDEO]
Back in my day, baby names were already selected BEFORE baby was born (at least this is what my parents had told me).  Today, more than ever, you hear more stories of the baby arriving...first!
Mayan Calendar Predicted ‘Doomsday’ Today
Today is December 21, 2012, and for those of you that have been taking an extra dose of Xanax for the last two weeks in anticipation of the world's demise, we are still here to intelligently (huh?) discuss the Mayan calendar, and the global torture it instills.
Remembering 9-11, Eleven Years Later [VIDEO]
There are simply no words that can describe the horrific account that touched all of our lives forever 11 years ago today.  We celebrate Patriot's Day, not because we have too, but to remember all the innocent people who lost their lives to savages and cowards.  I lost two friends.
It's basically our…
‘Malware Monday’ is July 9th
Could some pesky criminals in another part of the world knock you offline Monday?
The FBI says it could happen. But there are ways to check your computer now, to know if it's infected.

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