Do you weigh more than 110 pounds?  In good general health?  Have current photo ID?  Then donating blood may be in the cards for you.

With a parent's consent you can begin donating at age 16.  Don't expect a shiny medal, a badge touting accomplishment, or even your peers to be congratulatory.  At best, you may get a certificate, or "pat on the back" for an unselfish gesture towards community service.

But that's not all bad when you consider donors provide lifesaving  blood for patients at more than 200 healthcare facilities around Texas, and according to Carter BloodCare, in 2011, high school students contributed over 24 percent of the East Texas Community blood supply.

Congratulations to the 41 seniors from Central-Pollock and Zavalla High School for outstanding contributions in giving the gift of life! To find out more, call 1-800-366-2834.