They have got the fame and fortune and then something goes amiss to throw a legendary Classic Rock band into chaos.

Let me be perfectly clear that I, as a fan, do not appreciate the internal rifs (and I'm not speaking guitar) that become the headliner for the group instead of their musical accomplishments.

Bun E. Carlos sounds like a name better suited for a hamburger joint, but Cheap Trick faithful know him as the drummer of the group.  Or, in recent years, the absentee drummer.

Today, if you want to see all four original Cheap Trick members in one venue, you'll need to find the courtroom where their latest differences in bad judgment will have to be patched up by a guy in a robe that is probably tired of hearing "cheap trick" cases every day - if you know what I mean.

Forget all the twist and turns and let me give you the snapshot of the problem.  Carlos still remains a member of the band, but is not required to tour with the group, even though he professes that he wants to participate, but a contract of sorts is preventing this from happening.

Additionally, Carlos states that the remaining band members are refusing to allow him to be present at recording sessions, along with failing to include Bun in the operations of Cheap Trick's numerous enterprises, whereby reducing his royalties and future compensation.  In other words, Bun is claiming that the rest of Cheap Trick is just plain cheap in not honoring its arrangement with him.

Carlos is a founding member of the group, and it's too bad that after five decades together, that in some peoples eyes, the cheapness of action by all the guys has cheapened the name of Cheap Trick.  One thing is for sure though, if Bun E. Carlos is not on the drums at the concert, then I should be entitled to a cheaper ticket!

Will this song ever be heard from again?