Do you have a non-fake Christmas tree in your house?  Decorated with all the trimmings?  Me?  Got a 3 foot fir.  But, this story is not about the biggest Christmas tree, but rather the safety of putting up a "live" tree for display.

Last year the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) logged nearly 150 house fires relating to holiday lighting, so here are some precautions that all tree owners should adhere to:

(1)  Insure the tree is at least three feet from a heat source, such as lights and fireplaces.

(2)  Add water to your "real" tree (tree stand) daily.

(3)  Lighting is typically labeled either indoor, or outdoor.  Make sure you are using appropriately, and don't use worn, or broken cords.

(4)  Using candles to light your tree?  Better check your insurance policy in case your home goes up in flames.

(5)  Leaving the tree lit while you are away, or sleeping, is similar to leaving on the gas burner, or not locking the doors.  You are inviting trouble!

(6)  When the tree begins dropping needles, the fire danger escalates.  Get rid of the tree!

And don't forget to Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas