Vrrrrom!  Vrrrrom!

What am I?

A Classic Car of course!

I remember cruisin' the boulevard as a teenager, when CB radios were the equivalent of today's cell phones.  "Breaker, breaker...you got Bonana Rick with a double cheese at Naugles".  That's right, "Bonana Rick" was my handle, because my favorite radio personality at the time was a dude calling himself "Bonana Joe".  "Naugles" was the ultimate fast food joint where I grew up.

Which leads me to invite you to Friday Night Cruise Night on the red brick streets of Nacogdoches.  As in Friday, August 2nd.  Tomorrow night!  Between 6 and 8:30 PM on the back side of the Convention Visitor's Bureau along Pilar Street.

Now you tell me.  Classic cars and classic rock are truly an extraordinary marriage that makes a 50 something man still "ooh" and "ahh", while bringing him to his knees at the site of his first jalopy.

All classic cars welcome.  Even if you've got a 1974 lime green Ford Pinto, bring it to downtown Nacogdoches where we can all get a good laugh.

Snick-snacks and drinks will be available at the Heart of Texas Gift Gallery on South Pecan, and after you've melted away with classic car memories, the Hotel Fredonia will "bring you back" with live entertainment on the patio.

The East Texas Classics Car Club will be hosting this event, so don't be shy.  Come in your best "Elvis" or "Fonz" wardrobe if you so desire.  We'll be pointing you out on the street too, but who cares - right?

Give George a call for more info at (936) 371-9944.