He was brilliant with a quick wit, and did it old school - without dropping ONE "F"-bomb.

Jonathan Winters gave us reasons to laugh for over five decades, and because of his unlavish, yuckster persona, spot-on improvisation, and potpourri of character goofballs, Jim Carrey and Robin Williams made it big in comedy.

Most people don't know that his widely known characters, Elwood P. Suggins and Maude Frickert (while the names weren't the same), were indeed based upon people Winters knew during his lifetime.

Remember when he appeared on "Mork & Mindy", playing Robin Williams son?  Rumor has it that the script was sometime abandoned by both clowns, setting the stage for some of the best camera lunacy ever found on television, even by todays standards.

Acting as the father of Randy Quaid in 1991s "Davis Rules", brought Winters his only Emmy award.  His comedy album, "Crank Calls", got him a well deserved Grammy.

For you "Twilight Zone" buffs, I'm sure you will remember this clip from 1961:

His family was by his side when he passed on Thursday night (April 11) at the age of 87.  The cause of death is being reported as natural causes.