Many times it has been suggested that "Classic Rock" mirrors classic television, and thus a milestone on the small screen is punching up a ticket for its 40th anniversary.

Upon its debut, critics were not exactly that "critical" of M*A*S*H, but rather skeptical of the audience reaction to comedy devoted to wartime issues.  The only comparison programming that could be made at the time was that of Hogan's Heroes, which turned out to be a monster hit seven years earlier.

Touching up the comedic points from the original dialogue of the television movie debut in 1970, M*A*S*H, beginning in '72 vaulted out of the gate with a magical blend of coarse humor and hijinks as the staff of war field medics kept their sanity during the Korean War.

The program lasted over a decade, which not only gives it "gold" status, but reminds us how visionary television was back then.  Try to find one show today that we will be viewing in 2022.

Here are some outtake bloopers from the show: