Once you find a food you really like at the cafeteria, you stick with it, right?  So many students at Columbia University love that chocolate hazelnut spread known as Nutella, that it's costing the school's dining hall $5000 per week! 

This hasn't happened yet at SFA, so hopefully I didn't just give ya all some ideas.  But students at Columbia love Nutella so much, they're taking it with them, stashing containers in their purses and backpacks to eat when they get back to their rooms.  The school goes through 100 pounds per day, according to the NY Times

I had never worried about the Nutella supply before, but now I'm suddenly concerned that these Nutella hoarders will cause a nationwide shortage.  Then what will we dip our pretzels in?

Students have been swiping plastic forks and knives from college dining halls for years.  Perhaps they've even stashed some lemon sponge cake at one point.  But the Nutella craze is new, and apparently students are spooning that into soup containers and hauling it off, then perhaps sharing it with friends who bring over pints of strawberries. 

Nutella certainly is delicious, but too much of a good thing not only costs college campuses big bucks, but it might be contributing to the freshman fifteen.  It ain't lowfat!  Regardless, to the list of must-haves for college students that already includes cheese pizza, mac and cheese, beer, and ramen noodles, we now add Nutella.  We would just send the reminder that's it's best to buy it - not steal it.