By now, the heart wrenching act carried out by a cowardly madman in Connecticut, has many of us challenging faith and acceptance in our world today, and while most of us are asking "how did this happen?", and/or "why did this happen?, I'm just plain sick of all the commentary invoking "mental health" as a plausible reason for mass executions outside of combat.

Watching the News channels this past weekend, I was bursting at the gut to offer my two cents, when psychologist after psychologist hinted to "mental health" issues as a likely antagonist in the killers thought process.

Now, anyone reading this with a PhD in social behavior, will likely want to debate my lower education dissertation, so bring it on, if you dare.

It was, however, nice to hear one psychologist reporting on Fox News, that repudiated "mental health" as the root of destruction.  He actually spoke to a national audience on his beliefs, rather than some PC protocol that made the other psycho-babblers sound cliche and robotic.

Attending grade school in the 60s, high school in the 70s and college in the 80s, without looking at statistics, I'm sure that "mental illness" was prevalent in our country, the only difference being, that killing innocent people was unheard of.  I don't buy the "mental illness" game, when some low life degenerate selects his battle gear, weapons, and destination.  These scum of the earth have rationalized their every move, thus exempting them from "mental illness".

Where were these dirt balls when I was growing up?  Let me tell you.  The world hasn't changed, but people have.  No more family values, lousy parenting, and the easy accessibility to violence, degradation, and the declining value of human life.

I could ramble on about our daily exposure to elements of disgust, but you know what I'm talking about.  As that psychologist on Fox news stated, sorting out these people having ticking time bombs usually doesn't happen until the inevitable takes place, making it difficult to hinder their Armageddon, especially when their campaign of evil is carried out in silence.  Furthermore, the brazen mindset of suicide as the ultimate choice of culmination following their despicable crime, remains frightening.

So, what's the answer?  Overall gun control?  Banning assault weapons?  Airport style security in public places?  Armed employees?  So now we add 12-14 to 9-11, 4-20, 4-16 and 7-20, amongst others.  When does it stop?

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